China & Brands: “I am what I consume”.

    Brand Identity is a relatively new concept in China, but customers in China have learned fast what the brand is. In order to find what is so special about Chinese perception… Continue reading

Etihad Airways: when is personal communication too personal?

Many service industries focus on making their communication less robotic, they feel that people appreciate and are impressed  by personal touches to the usual service and that thinking of ways to communicate out of the box… Continue reading

Personal branding

While being I Hong Kong I run into a personal brand consultant. Yes, it is a very interesting topic! When we are looking for a job, we sell our services to a particular… Continue reading

Museums of the 21st century. Chinese case.

Museums do have lots of challenges in their everyday life. Now it is not only the temple of art, but an institute, which has to fight for its customers with cinemas, park  and… Continue reading

Chinese style marketing

Building an engagement with customer is a very big deal for a company. Creating emotional involvement with a customer can help to generate more profit and help to built loyalty within customer. for… Continue reading

Week in photos. Week 14

So, first I think China is a very interesting and unbelievable place to be and to look around. In the streets, in the buildings… everywhere. I carry my camera on me just in… Continue reading

Prostitution chic by Louis Vuitton

It all started with a new Louis Vuitton campaign, which launched promo campaign for its Autumn Winter 2013. A simple story of girls, who walks almost naked down the streets, getting in the cars on the stoning street of… Continue reading

A tea cup

Well, it is the example of the deep philosophical communication to the customer or just a total misunderstanding of the English language… … a little life on a nobody…   I guess it was all… Continue reading

H&M spring 2013 ad campaign

One of the biggest challenges of the advertising in to create the involvement of the customer. It is very difficult to make person see your message in hundreds of other messages. There are hundreds of ways how to make person follow the stream… Continue reading