H&M spring 2013 ad campaign

One of the biggest challenges of the advertising in to create the involvement of the customer. It is very difficult to make person see your message in hundreds of other messages.

There are hundreds of ways how to make person follow the stream of your idea and how to make a person believe in what you are saying. One of the ways to do so is to provide an experience to a person. To share a pleasant moment with a customer.

One of the example of referencing to a customer good experience is the current advertising of H&M in the subway of Beijing.

The advertising works on different level of communication.

A customer walks in to the gardens of H&M to experience everything a person associate with gardens. Company does not provide any of those elements, but trying to evoke the emotions, which a person has about the gardens.

Gardens would associate with summer, light, shadows, light wind, sun touching the skin…

By providing this association the company calls to share this experience and associate this feeling of gardens and breath of fresh air with its clothing. “Share the moment with us. Our clothing is created for the perfect summer days. Buy the clothing and keep these amazing moments every second, when you wear our sandals, pants, skirt etc.

By walking in a tunnel, a person walks in an world of experience of summer in the middle of the crowded subway. H&M gives an experience of joy and peace.


To make the message more believable the company is providing the spoke person. The spoke person is a western white woman, who is french and who is Vanessa Paradis. A Chinese person may not necessarily know that Vanessa Paradis is french singer, an ex-wife of Johnny Depp (who has just got divorced) etc. But she looks french, youthful, young enough  to make an amazing experience of summer even more believable.


Additional element of this communication is trees going all around the tunnel, coming from the picture and fulfilling all the subway corridor making it fun and joyful.

H&M main selling strategy is fun, fashion and affordable.

The affordability is communicated simply by price announcing on the main picture.


… and of cause big branding names of the contrasted color, to be sure it is easy to read and easy to remember


Well, this ad campaign is one of the good examples of a very good global campaign  which is easy to member, mainly because it evokes deep memories of a potential customer, fun and joyful. H&M rulez ❤

As a bonus more pictures of the campaign with Vanessa Paradis here


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