Prostitution chic by Louis Vuitton


It all started with a new Louis Vuitton campaign, which launched promo campaign for its Autumn Winter 2013. A simple story of girls, who walks almost naked down the streets, getting in the cars on the stoning street of Paris… beautiful music make it even more then just a simple ad…

Watch here:

And here an issue comes: Is really the high end fashion brand glorification prostitution or all models have sex for money or what does it all mean?

First of all I think this is GENIUS! Absolutely amazing, breathtaking, inspiring and unbelievable!

High fashion is defiantly not for everyone. Well, I defiantly cant pay for a new LV dress. Neither does their ads.

High end brands dont need to go mass market, to explain a customer why my product is better and why.

High end fashion as such is narrow border with art. Pure perfection of a human mind thinking and creativity, celebration of the beauty, inspiration and life.

So, they have a right and a privilege to stay in the field of art and talk to people about more then just good fitted clothing, but about why the world is the way it is and observe it together with everyone, who would feel the same.

So if you don’t take everything you see literally, you can enjoy the new source of inspiration and take 3 minutes to think what the humanity is. Think of the Malevich Black Square or any other modern artist work, where the painting is not just paints on the canvas, but something more.

For the sake of truth, I have to say, that looking just on the screen these are couple of top-models pretending (?) to sell their love for money with piano music in the background.

Kazimir Malevich “Black Square”, 1930Image

and now lets check what people think it means, and why they all wrong and all write at the same time through careful analysis of comments on youtube and why I think the movies is genius.

Issue #1 “Our societies are fucked up. We turn every right into wrong and every wrong into right… it is a global MORAL crises” (21 likes as for 30 March 2013)

Art has a right to ask what is moral. Moral is something majority of people think is good and normal without challenging why. Well, it changes through the ages. What is good now, wasn’t so even couple of decades ago and vica versa. Why anyone, but the person, should decide it? Why every single member in the society should take something for ground?

Why selling body for the money is bad? Why? Who does it make bad? How society will suffer?

We believe (at least western world), that a person has a right to be what he is, to love what he likes without asking society permission. US has a massive campaign for gay marriges now, cause everyone has a right to do whatever and no one has a right to say if he rigth or wrong. So how is it different?

Is it because sex is too intimate? Well, we, as the society believe in surrogate motherhood (when a woman is paid to have baby for someone). Isn’t the process of a child birth is more intimate? Why is it different?

Or isnt it wrong to sell your body for money? Isnt it what we do everyday by going to work and getting paid is pretty much we same?

People like expensive cars and dresses and other people in them? Is it is the same, when we like someone, because he has something we may need or get from this person? Dont we betray our ideals for something else, when we need it?

There are no answers… whatsoever. It is all about the questions, which can launch a all new process of thinking for a person and a video ad, which  can make us go this way.

Issues #2 “the social condition of the vast majority of prostitutes has nothing enviable, nothing fancy, nothing happy about it”.

I guess it must be right. But doesn’t a human being has a right for the happiness, that people can be happy in the bottom of the society? (think of some European classics Hugo or Dostoevsky). or they can’t be happy at all? was it their choice? Who are they? Why they do it?

Evoke much more questions about hundreds of aspect about what it is all about.

And to get associations with a provocative, high end brand, who dares to ask, challenge and think outside of any box.

Cause after all, as it was in 99 francs book by Frédéric Beigbeder: “Everything is bought. Love, art, the planet Earth, you, me. Of cause me.”, or isn’t it?

By the way as long as it want produced by the brand, Louis Viouton is saying sorry all around for going “too far” and that have nothing to do with the film… Pfff… chickens! Could have earned so much more, such a pity it doesn’t correspond to the core brand values.