Week in photos. Week 14

So, first I think China is a very interesting and unbelievable place to be and to look around.


In the streets, in the buildings… everywhere. I carry my camera on me just in case, you just never know what is doing to happen around.

So, here we go I will do my best to keep up updating every, lets say every Saturday (today we make it special and do it on Friday, but just for today) I will update with at least 5 pictures or videos of something I saw around.

1. It is the way how Beijing looks. Not to far from New York or Chicago, no?


2. And here the spring came


3. David knows stuff about you


May be it is just me, but i sort of feel the same vibe with this look, no?


4. Just a small room decoration, in case anyone needs to take a breath after the long time biking.


5. Or you don’t need sofa, but need something else… Sure… here we go…


By the way, in front of my building they start to contract a new housing complex, i think and i feel like checking if legendary Chinese speed on contraction is myth or reality. So, I will take a picture every week to check on the progress and know for sure.

6. Let’s check. It is what it looks nowImage