Chinese style marketing

Building an engagement with customer is a very big deal for a company. Creating emotional involvement with a customer can help to generate more profit and help to built loyalty within customer. for some industries it is important, for other it is the most important think and sometime it can be even dangerous.

So without possible danger in consideration, let’s have a closer look on a recent promotional campaign by the Perfect World company for its ne realize of a video game.

You will learn here, how to make your video campaign seen by 3 million people without paying and hoe to make press to write about you without knowing who you are.

Products: video game Dragon totem girl (Chinese: Zhu Xian 2)

Products description: a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPGs). Main goal of the game is to make the world better place to live in.

Another example of a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPGs) includes such famous game with trolls of the 80th level  as World of Warcraft.

Main character: Dragon totem Girl. The girl looks like Lara Croft, but with a batman style costume on.


So how is the Chinese based company “Perfect World” is promoting it?

So the main tropic of the promotion was chosen to show regular people how to use super powers in a regular every-day life.

Tag line of the campaign is the perfect positive energy. All campaign was built around the main idea how to use superpowers to make the world better place to live in?

Company created a real life person, how looks like the main character from the game and showed how this person can use ones superpowers in a regular life:


A little bit after company filmed several viral video to show what superpowers can give to you. Here a girl saves an old man on his rikshaw.

There are 2 more videos made but he company on different superpowers,

Video 2 (the power of telekinesis)

Video 3 (the power of teletransportation)

Personally, I was shocked by the the one above the most. Here i have to mentioned, that my general inspiration for this post came from that video. I saw so-called report on a traffic event, captured by a security camera. So believable! Crazy!

Company continued to push this story line and showed mysterious real and sensational pictures of a girl with superpowers wondering about the city. Company forced the internet discussions “Oh my God! Have aliens landed here in Beijing?!”

All videos ends the same and unnamed girl with a hood over her face slowly walks away form the place of an accident.


Moreover company continued to push the envelop and made a girl’s walk in a regular person life. For example:

Dragon totem girl has visited the hospital for children


Participated in charity actions


Fed homeless animals

… And actually gave away money for people, who have health issues.

Those event were so surprising to people, that company has got into newspapers. (without paying for the advertisement, of cause). Main ideal of all publications was focused on positive energy of help and how inspiring it is for many people all around China.


The girl is acting as she is real as we are. She has her own page at weibo (analogue of twitter in China) with over 10 thousand fans. (which is mainly inline with number of fans for of League of Legends, one of the most popular online games in China).

She is invited to all the places all around the city. As to the Thanksgiving parties in good restaurants. (As far as the company is Beijing based, restaurants, which are participating are in Beijing) ans she has of regular person, who just hangs out in the Batman like costume.

Not focusing on the fact that it is actually a promo campaign for a video game. (Doesn’t such campaigns destroy a line between the real life and gaming world and as a result may take all violence of the video games to the real life?). Company is doing pretty good job attracting people’s attention and promoting awareness for the game. But as we know after customer knows the product exist, the decision of purchasing is based only on the products’ shoulders and if it is good enough to be interesting for many people out there.

I think it is a good campaign, but, by some reasons, it gives me very Chinese flavor…

I do think charity can be a very good thing… but i think it is a little bit crazy that it is a promo campaign for a video game…

and yes all materials come from the website of the producer. If you are interested it is all in here.